Enfants Soleil

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Each year, Opération Enfant Soleil honours the courage of one child from each of Quebec’s administrative regions. Follow each child’s journey through the fact sheets and videos that tell their story.

Click here to access the stories of Enfants Soleil from other region and previous years (French only).

To find out more or to apply for your child in the Enfant Soleil program, contact Mélissa Boivin by email at mboivin@operationenfantsoleil.ca or at 1 877 683-2325, ext. 164.

Enfants Soleil 2020


Logane Paquin-Fournier

6 years old  |  Suffering from DiGeorge syndrome and extreme Tetralogy of Fallot

Download the PDF (French only)

Emma Deschênes

3 years old  |  Suffering from an embryonic brain tumour

Download the PDF (French only)

Emrick Blanchette

6 years old  |  Suffering from Angelman syndrome

Download the PDF (French only)

Eloïse Parisé

13 years old  |  Suffering from hypoplastic right ventricular hypoplasia with pulmonary atresia

Download the PDF (French only)

Lexie Gendron

5 years old  |  Suffering from type 2 spinal muscular atrophy

Download the PDF (French only)

Antony Lelièvre

17 years old  |  Suffering from Morquio syndrome type IV A

Download the PDF (French only)

Chloé Lacasse

3 years old  |  Suffering from Hemimegalencephaly, dysphagia, intractable epilepsy and cerebral palsy

Download the PDF

Ludovick Pineault

2 years old  |  Premature, born with a single kidney and suffering from polymalformative bone syndrome and tracheobronchomalacia

Download the PDF (French only)

Lou-Anne Gaudet

12 years old  |  Suffering from cystinosis

Download the PDF (French only)

Loukian Lavoie

7 years old  |  Very premature and suffering from cerebral palsy

Download the PDF (French only)

Abby Robitaille

5 years old  |  Suffering from Gaucher disease

Download the PDF (French only)

Mikaële Laure Persona

3 years old  |  Myofibroma

Download the PDF

James Dufour

5 years old  |  Suffering from severe gastroparesis and autism spectrum disorder

Download the PDF (French only)

Matéo Kenuajuak

2 years old  |  Suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Download the PDF

Léa Rose Villemaire

1 year old  |  Suffering from Treacher-Collins syndrome

Download the PDF

Elyssa Lepage

1 year old  |  Mosaic trisomy 9

Download the PDF