Gran Fondo Opération Enfant Soleil

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Take part in the biggest indoor cycling challenge in Quebec.

Welcome to the official Gran Fondo of Opération Enfant Soleil, a virtual bike challenge!

To make a donation and support our participants, click here!

We invite cyclists to take on the challenge on the Zwift platform, the largest platform for indoor cycling enthusiasts, which allows us to host this exclusive philanthropic event again this year. Participants can complete the number of stages they desire, either individually or as a team. Registration is free, and participants commit to soliciting donations and sponsorships through an online donation page.

On March 16, put on your finest jersey (preferably a yellow one) and come pedal for the children in the 4th edition of the Gran Fondo of Opération Enfant Soleil, presented by Familiprix and Garneau.

This year, these are the three available routes:

  • 1st: 75km – 2 laps of Watopia triple flat loops – 280m elevation gain
  • 2nd: 125km – 5 laps of Makuri Island wandering flat – 725m elevation gain
  • 3rd: 100km – 4 laps of Watopia Sand and Sequoias – 660m elevation gain

Our event's ambassador

Camille Dg

Host, columnist, blogger and president of the digital agency Codmorse, Camille is passionate about cycling and uses the Zwift platform; she has been a spokesperson for Opération Enfant Soleil since 2017 and will be accompanied by our campaign heroes to give advice and encouragement to participants on March 19.

Photos of past editions

The inspiration


In 2021, Elliott Doyle and Yann Gosselin-Gaudreault, two pharmacists from Lac-St-Jean, rallied and organized their virtual cycling challenge “Everesting” on the Zwift cycling platform. Their goal was to support a cause dear to their hearts, to generate a positive collective movement in challenging times, and to prove that it was still possible to transform and innovate. The activity was a resounding success, and they were able to donate $23,000 to the cause!

Thanks to the members of the Gran Fondo organizing committee:

  • Yann Gosselin-Gaudreault, Vice President of Business and Professional Services at Familiprix
  • Elliott Doyle, Pharmacist at Familiprix
  • Guy Bergeron, Founder JZQc

For its last edition in 2023, more than 400 cyclists joined us for the cause and, together, raised 230 000$. Join us this year!

For more informations, contact us:

Krystel Thibault (for inscriptions)
418-683-3637, poste 211

Annik Bergeron (for sponsorships)
418-683-3637, poste 139

Presenting partners

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Our campaigns

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