Passeport de rêve

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It’s always possible to dream, isn’t it?

Win the Passeport de Rêve Air Canada grand prize: $87,000 in travel credit that will allow you to travel in the next few years, or opt for $25,000 in cash.

Plus, there are 42 other secondary prizes to be won thanks to the generosity of our partners.

By purchasing tickets at a cost of $10 each, you contribute to providing the best care for sick children in Quebec by supporting Opération Enfant Soleil.

Hurry up! The draw is on February 24th!

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Click here to buy your $10 ticket

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Rules for the draw

Anick Dumontet, spokesperson for Passeport de rêve Air Canada draw

Anick Dumontet Couleur

Host, columnist and author, Anick has been involved with Opération Enfant Soleil since 2003. Generous and energetic, she spreads happiness all around her! Anick has been a proud spokesperson for the Passeport de rêve Air Canada draw since its first edition in 2018.

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Help sick children!

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for ticket sales at events?

Would you like to sell tickets to those around you or in your business and add the amount raised to the next Telethon tally?

Contact us:
Québec City area: 418-683-2323
Elsewhere toll-free: 1-877-683-2325

*Note that tickets will be available starting August 1 at our head office (Québec City).