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Opération Enfant Soleil organizes various fundraising campaigns throughout the year in collaboration with its partners. Click on the one of your choice, and help us adapt care to children’s needs.

Porte ton pyj

In the words of spokesperson Étienne Boulay, “Porte ton pyj” Day is pretty simple: “You wake up, eat breakfast, and [...]

Relis don

Relis Don is a new way to encourage kids to discover the world of reading, and it’s also a simple [...]

Défi Country

Thank you to all of the organizing schools and all the dancers from the 2018 edition, thanks to whom $83 [...]

Ô Quilles!

Ô Quilles! Combining fun and solidarity in just a few rounds or one day!

Cartes de souhaits des fêtes

(French only) Commandez nos cartes de souhaits des fêtes personnalisées!