Enfants Soleil

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Each year, Opération Enfant Soleil honours the courage of one child from each of Quebec’s administrative regions. Follow each child’s journey through the fact sheets and videos that tell their story.

Has your child benefited from equipment funded by Opération Enfant Soleil during their stay at a major pediatric center in Quebec or at a hospital in your region? We would love to hear their story! Please send us your testimonial along with a few photos via email at temoignage@operationenfantsoleil.ca. To apply for your child as an Enfant Soleil ambassador, fill out our online form.

Enfants Soleil 2019


Charlie Avoine

2 years old  |  Suffering from severe Ebstein anomaly and atrial connection defect

Download the PDF (French only)

Jakob Corriveau

6 months  |  Extremely premature

Download the PDF (French only)

Marjorie et Camille Labrecque et Mya Lavoie

10, 9 and 3 years old  |  Premature

Download the PDF (French only)

Ariane Pinette

16 years old  |  Suffering from mucopolysaccharidosis type VI

Download the PDF (French only)

Charles Veilleux

5 years old  |  Extremely premature and suffering from severe bronchodysplasia

Download the PDF (French only)

Jacob Blais

4 years old  |  Suffering from a still unknown genetic disease presenting multiple disabilities

Download the PDF (French only)

Olivier Couture

7 years old  |  Suffering from polyuric renal failure

Download the PDF

Félix et Émile Girard

1 year old  |  Suffering from chronic septic granulomatosis

Download the PDF (French only)

Lydia Clarke

7 years old  |  Suffering from Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome

Download the PDF

Magalie, Mya et Zack Thibault

16, 12 and 8 years old  |  Suffering from glutaric aciduria type 1

Download the PDF (French only)

Zackary Petit

5 years old  |  Suffering from complex congenital cardiopathy and various disorders

Download the PDF (French only)

Jayden Forest Aubut

11 years old  |  Suffers from refractory epilepsy caused by a brain tumour

Download the PDF

Kyliann et Kayden Auger Gélinas

3 and 2 years old  |  Suffering from a duplication of the ARID1B chromosome caused by Coffin-Siris syndrome

Watch the video (French only) Download the PDF (French only)

Félix Désilets

13 years old  |  Suffering from immune deficiency, asthma, severe vision problems, severe sleep apnea, verbal dyspraxia, a developmental coordination disorder, an attention disorder and cardiac arrhythmia.

Download the PDF

Théo Gallant

3 years old  |  Suffering from tuberous sclerosis complex

Download the PDF

Jacob Poulin

1 year old  |  Suffering from several cardiovascular malformations

Download the PDF

Justine Gauthier-Traoré

7 years old  |  Suffering from esophageal atresia, a laryngeal cleft, tracheomalacia, and bronchomalacia

Download the PDF (French only)