Enfants Soleil

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Each year, Opération Enfant Soleil honours the courage of one child from each of Quebec’s administrative regions. Follow each child’s journey through the fact sheets and videos that tell their story.

Click here to access the stories of Enfants Soleil from other region and previous years (French only).

To aplu for your child, fill out our online form. For any other information, contact Amélie Pagé by email at apage@operationenfantsoleil.ca or at 1 877 683-2325, ext. 164.

You or your child have benefited from equipment financed by Opération Enfant Soleil while visiting a major pediatric centre or a regional hospital in Quebec?

We would like to hear your journey!

Send us your story along with a few photos via temoignage@operationenfantsoleil.ca.

Enfants Soleil 2018


Alicia Angers

6 years old  |  Suffering from Gaucher disease

Download the PDF (French only)

Kory-Antony Roy-Lagacé

15 years old  |  Suffering from bradycardia, orthostatic hypotension, hypersomnolence disorder and suffering from an unknown disease attacking the immune system

Download the PDF (French only)

Rosalie Cyr

12 years old  |  Very premature and suffering from intellectual disability

Download the PDF (French only)

Alexis Mercier

4 years old  |  Suffering from Dravet syndrome

Download the PDF (French only)

Jacob Boulet

4 years old  |  Under investigation: neuromuscular disease, a severe global development delay, hypotonia and a severe swallowing dysfunction

Download the PDF (French only)

Arianne Moreau

8 years old  |  Suffering from cerebral palsy

Download the PDF (French only)

Jacob Métivier

2 years old  |  Suffering from tracheomalacia


Sophia Laurin

6 years old  |  Suffering from 16p13.11 microdeletion syndrome and Pitt Hopkins syndrome

Download the PDF (French only)

Marilou et Simon-Charles Aucoin

5 et 7 years old  |  Suffering from juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Download the PDF (French only)

Romy Madé

5 years old  |  Suffering from Pompe's disease

Download the PDF (French only)

Floriane Cloutier

10 years old  |  Suffering from a Wilms’ tumour


Sandryne Huberdeau

7 years old  |  Suffering from Di George syndrome, pulmonary hypertension and asthma

Download the PDF

Stéphanie Fugère Poulin

15 years old  |  Suffering from severe gastroparesis

Download the PDF (French only)

Caleb McConkey

8 years old  |  Suffering from Di George syndrome and Fallot's tetralogy

Download the PDF

Éléonore Brabant-Rondeau

5 years old  |  Suffering from Arnold-Chiari malformation and Abernethy malformation

Download the PDF

Yanik Vilon

15 years old  |  Suffering from cerebral palsy

Download the PDF

Zachary Girard

2 years old  |  Suffering from hypoglycemia of undetermined etiology

Download the PDF (French only)