Maison Enfant Soleil signée Bonneville

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Congratulations to Mr. Éric Tardif from Charlemagne (ticket no 176043), the draw’s lucky winner.

Mr. Tardif will be able to choose between the prize worth over $500,000, including the completely decorated and furnished house and funds for the purchase of land in the city of his/her choice, or the sum of $325,000 in cash. The draw for thirty-three (33) secondary prizes was also broadcast on the Opération Enfant Soleil Facebook page. It should be noted that even though the draw was postponed, no new tickets were printed for it.

Here are the names and ticket numbers of all the winners :

10x $200 gift cards at IKEA:
Joelle Taillefer (307486)
Mireille Quintal (253034)
Benoit Paquin (315481)
Nicolas Camiré (208759)
Isabelle Bernard (300673)
Gwenöelle Tardif-Demers (072494)
Isabelle Paradis (296015)
Paule L’Anglais (013860)
Claudine Simard (150390)
Leo Levesque (086848)

2x $1000 checks from REMAX
Sylvie Desnoyers (174719)
Laurance Picard (305436)

8x $250 gift cards at FAMILIPRIX
Luc Piché (305442)
Lise Boucher (185175)
Pascale Albernhe-Lahaie (297314)
Stéphanie Renaud (253039)
Lise Nadeau (143029)
Stéphane Rho (253042)
Claude Germain (102541)
Kristin Dubois (119221)

5x $500 gift cards at RONA or RÉNO-DÉPÔT
Benoit Paquin (083827)
Renaud Doyon (119055)
Linda Méthot (225250)
Jessie Larrivée-Pion (304078)
Marie-Chantal Laroche (296947)

4x $500 gift cards at OPTO-RÉSEAU
Catherine Tremblay (272220)
Hélène Nadeau (126977)
Lise Niquette (133205)
Donald Hébert (075831)

4x $250 gift cards at MIKES
Pyerrette Morache (107862)
Benjamin Destrempes (216022)
Louise Bastien (031018)
Sylvie Juteau (183036)

Jayden Forest-Aubut, Age 11 | Ambassador for the 2020 Maison Enfant Soleil

Jayden suffered from intractable epilepsy caused by a brain tumour. Doctors needed twenty-two long hours to remove the mass. The rehabilitation has been long, but our son can once again have high hopes. Thanks to your donations, Jayden was able to benefit from specialized devices that saved his life.

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