Porte ton pyj Primary schools

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 “Porte ton pyj” Day is pretty simple: “You wake up, eat breakfast, and go right to school.”

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“Porte ton pyj”: A themed day that is simple to organize!

  • Kids are invited to proudly wear their pyjamas to school for one day in exchange for a $2 voluntary donation;
  • After making the donation, students will be given a sticker on which to write the name of a sick child;
  • All participants are invited to pose in front of our photobooth poster and share the photos on social media using the hashtag #portetonpyj

A few schools will also be invited to participate in the final presentation of donations which will take place during the next Telethon in early June 2020.

All of the tools will be provided free of charge: promotional campaign poster, photobooth background poster, “Je porte mon pyj pour…” stickers, donation collection boxes, and other promotional visuals.

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For more information

Gabrielle Lapierre is your agent specialized in fundraising for Porte ton pyj Primary schools. Don’t hesitate to contact her with any questions!

418 683-3637, ext.108
Toll-free: 1-877-683-2325

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Porte ton pyj - BandeauWeb2020

Porte ton pyj Primary schools

 “Porte ton pyj” Day is pretty simple: “You wake up, eat breakfast, and go right to school.”