Fonds Josée Lavigueur

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Created in collaboration with Énergie Cardio in 2006, Opération Enfant Soleil’s Fonds Josée Lavigueur aims to promote kid’s physical and mental health through exercise.

“We want physical activity to be accessible to everyone. Children need to move! It’s for them that you do it, a huge thank you! “

Change a child's life for better!


Énergie Cardio has worked with Opération Enfant Soleil since 1999, and in that time, it has raised over $4,5 million for the organization, thanks to the participation of its 1, 500 employees and the generosity of its 80,000 members.

The 2021 Défi Cardio 5 Heures Challenge requires doing five consecutive hours of virtual exercise, within a team or on your own. It’s open to everyone (Énergie Cardio members or not), and everyone participates at their own pace! This year, discover our completely new, completely virtual formula, where pushing your limits has never been more accessible. From the comfort of your home, you can get moving simultaneously with all the other participants in the Défi Cardio 5 Heures Challenge and join the cause to help our sick kids in Quebec.

You can also get in on all the other options happening alongside the Challenge, to boost your fundraising or just get in on the fun!

To register or learn more about our campaigns, head this way:


That’s the number of projects across the province that were made possible thanks to your generosity and the money raised by Opération Enfant Soleil’s Fonds Josée Lavigueur. Here are just a few :

Adapted equipment for disabled children

In Montréal, the grants given to the Association québécoise de sports pour paralytiques cérébraux, Défi sportif AlterGo and Hockey Québec have been used to purchase adapted equipment for disabled children, enabling them to maximize their autonomy and their participation in their communities.

Play areas for children aged 0 to 5

Several organizations, including Maternaide du Québec (Trois-Rivières), Patro Laval (Québec) and the CPE La Boîte à Bizous (Sainte-Catherine), were able to equip rooms and play areas with materials designed to stimulate and develop the psychomotor skills of children 5 and under.

Sensory stimulation equipment at Victor-Doré school

This equipment helps disabled children develop their tactile and sensory tolerance, as well as their independence. “This has taught Joanie to accept touch from others and to hold a glass in her hands, so she can drink from it herself.” —Marie-Claude Senécal, mother of Joanie Prévost, Montréal’s Enfant Soleil.

Mini-gym at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre

This grant went toward purchasing equipment to make the small gym safer, more stimulating and more suitable for multiple purposes. The new set-up is used for rehabilitation and development activities for children with motor impairments or communication disorders.


“I often use it with more mobile kids. I love the inclined ramp, the see-saw, and the balance beam that allow me to work on the kids’ balance and control. Having access to a table allows me to plan a combined session of occupational therapy and speech therapy with physical therapy. Many thanks!”


Megan, physiotherapist

Motor Development issues Program

Thank you to Énergie Cardio, its employees and all the Défi Cardio 5 heures sponsors, participants and donors!